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Death Race pits the player against evasive, running Gremlins. The object of the game is simple. Hit a Gremlin and you win a point. There are two Gremlins running around the playing field in a random fashion. They are intelligent and will avoid objects so long as they can see a way to escape.

You drive one of two cars and can steer them within the road area looking for Gremlins who are safe only when on the sidewalks. When you hit a Gremlin, a tombstone (cross) will appear and remain in that same spot until the game is over and a new game begun. Each game causes its own maze of crosses that players must steer through while chasing the Gremlins. The more hits, the more crosses; the more crosses, the harder the steering becomes. It becomes increasingly difficult to maneuver as your skill increases, but the Gremlins also become constrained by the maze of crosses. You can hit reverse after a crash to avoid waiting for your car to start back up. Use this to move quickly and get your highest score.

Controllers (Gamepads) are supported or to use keyboard the controls are: Arrow keys for Player 1 and WASD keys for Player 2.

This is a fan implementation of the original cabinet arcade game made by Exidy in 1976, updated to play on today's computers. The original has become rare now and with no emulation seemingly possible, this PC version has been released as a supplement for anyone struggling to find it and get their Death Race fix. This version attempts to keep close to the original, however there are small differences as well as the addition of menu screens that tastefully bring back some of the cabinet imagery. If you know the original well and feel some important aspects are missing, please, feel free to offer feedback for improvements. Reach me @inconstants8.

Enjoy the Gremlin hunting.


Death Race - Windows (4 MB)

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